Mission Statement

To infuse a Biblical worldview in all academics, fine arts, and athletics to prepare students to glorify our Savior in all their endeavors.


We believe in the triune God; one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We believe God is the sovereign Creator, the source of all truth, and the sustainer of all life.

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, the only infallible rule for faith and life. The Scripture’s authority comes from God Himself, it is God breathed; written by men under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Scripture is completely trustworthy in everything it says and is inerrant in all that God intended for it to teach.

We believe that God created the world in all of its parts, visible and invisible. He also created man, male and female, with a body and soul, and in His image. We believe that God is the interpreter of His creation, that apart from Him we cannot properly understand the world.

We believe that each person is born in sin, sharing in the original sin of Adam and Eve. Each human also sins by his own free will, choosing rebellion against God in bondage to their sin nature. The consequence of sin is eternal separation from the presence of God.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the second person of the Trinity, equal to the Father, who took on a complete human nature, being born of the virgin Mary, yet remaining fully divine in one person. We believe that Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life, offered Himself on the cross as a ransom for fallen humanity, was buried, was physically raised from the dead, and ascended into heaven.

By means of His death and resurrection, Christ secured salvation for all who believe. Faith is a gift given by God, and only by faith in Christ alone are the effects of sin removed and each believer declared righteous before God. Eternal life cannot be acquired by our human efforts or deeds; good deeds are the fruit of our faith in Jesus Christ, a manifestation of a renewed heart and a confirmation that we are children of God.

We believe the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity, equal in power and glory with the Father and Son. The Holy Spirit effectively calls every believer, indwelling the elect to apply the redemptive work of Christ in their lives and accomplish the work of sanctification by giving them the will and strength to serve God.

We believe the Church is the body and bride of Christ, made up of all those who actually believe in Christ and will be reunited with Him in heaven.

We believe that Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of God the Father and will bodily and visibly return in glory to bring all things to consummation. At that time believers will be separated from unbelievers according to their faith in Christ as their Lord and Savior.


Westminster Christian Academy is committed to assisting parents by equipping the next generation of Christian leaders with a love for learning and the intellectual framework required to impact the world for Christ.

The academic and spiritual programming of the school is challenging and thorough. It provides our students with a broad experience of subject matter and activities that support learning, understanding, and the development of sound judgment as demonstrated through moral and ethical behavioral choices.

Overall, our goal is that our students realize the full potential God has placed in them, and that each student has a personal, redemptive relationship with Jesus Christ. At Westminster Christian Academy success is measured not by how intelligent a child is, but rather how intelligently that child takes on and meets the multiplicity of challenges life brings.

Our Distinctions

Students are asked to perform in a rigorous Christian curriculum. The results are outstanding. Our average student outperformed four out of five students nationally, and our fifth graders left WCA with an average Grade Level Equivalent of a remarkable 10.5! Our target class size is 12-14 students for grades 1-8 and 10-11 for kindergarten. Preschool classes have 12 students or fewer in all age levels.
Every teacher must demonstrate their qualification for teaching, i.e. that they are gifted with both the ability and the desire to teach young children about their world. They must also agree to the school's statement of faith, be active members of local churches, and be able to give a clear testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ.
We want to grow our students into adults prepared to make an impact for Christ. This means that they need to be ready for the challenges that they will meet in later life. We emphasize critical thinking skills to prepare our students to meet, understand, and work to change the world that will greet them in their futures.
We have embarked on an aggressive program of school growth. It is physical, as we continue to expand. In 2009 we added classes for 18 month olds and 2 year olds. In 2012 we introduced our 8th grade program. It is also structural, as we look to improve the PTF, school board design, and school policy. It is academic, as we look to better integrate our subjects one with the other and improve the materials we use in class. It is finally professional, as we change the structure of our teacher salaries to better compensate them for their work and to reward them for continuing education and professional development.